Bus Bullying Solutions w/ Jim Dillon

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Full Chat Archive 1/11/12

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Dr. Michele Borba’s #ptchat earlier this week. An archive of her informative one-hour Twitter chat on What Parents &Teachers Can Do To End Bullying has been placed on our #ptchat archive page above.

In continuing with the important topic of student safety, Jim Dillon, author of the Peaceful Bus Program, school principal and certified trainer in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program will join us for an hour long Twitter chat. (Jim’s Full Bio Here)

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Jim will entertain questions around the topic of school bus safety and share proven strategies for schools and parents on making the bus stop and bus ride a safer one for all students.  Please join us on Wednesday, January 11th at 9PM EST at #ptchat. 

I firmly believe kids need their parents and teachers to be on the same page when it comes to any bully prevention efforts.  The bus is one part of the school day that often gets overlooked in terms of proactive efforts to prevent bullying. At our elementary school, our staff has implemented the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program as well as the Peaceful Bus Program (Article 1 / Article 2at our school. During the #ptchat, I will share it’s impact as well as the implementation steps our school team took from the day our guidance counselor brought the Peaceful Bus Program to our attention.  Below is a brief video overview of the program.  Looking forward to chatting with you on January 11th!  For more information please email me

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