A Call to Arms – Is Your State Hashtag Chat Represented?

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The momentum is building to engage educators, school leaders, community members and students in our weekly “connected conversations” on Twitter. With over 40 U.S. states now meeting regularly to discuss education-related topics weekly, bi-weekly and some monthly, it’s time to connect the dots and make it even easier for your colleagues to join in. Below is a map created with the help of connected colleagues and hashtag moderators across the country.

US hashtags map

There is a great deal of information already on the actual gMap for many states, but in the interest of a having a comprehensive document all of us can use to build participants across our respective states, I’d like to have the correct information directly from each state’s moderators. Use the short gForm embedded below to share this information.

State Moderators: Please complete by Friday, February 28, 2014 at 12PM. Later that day, we’ll publish a full-featured shared document.


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