District Leadership’s Role in Building Home-School Partnerships w/ Dr. Steve Constantino

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    Dr. Steve Constantino


here Calling all Superintendents, K-12 Cabinet Members & School Principals – This week’s #PTchat is aimed to help you set the course for best practice family engagement in your setting. Together with the input and perspectives of parents, we will answer the following questions:

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  • How can district representatives best partner with school families? 
  • What can district representatives do to insure home-school communications are two-way?
  • What tools can your school district use to differentiate for your families?
  • What do pro-family engagement policies look like and how to we embed them in your school district?
  • What expectations should school districts hold for family and community engagement? 
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Dr. Steve Constantino will be on hand to guide us through these and other questions this Wednesday, April 11th at 9PM EST / 6PM PST.  

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Dr. Constantino currently serves as superintendent of Williamsburg-James City Country School District in Williamsburg, Virginia. He has traveled extensively as a speaker, capacity-builder and leader in the arena of family engagement and has worked in hundreds of schools in hundreds of districts on four different continents. He is the author of several books focusing on family engagement and is working on a new one called “Engaging Every Family: The New Standards for Global Family Engagement.” Find him on Twitter at @SMConstantino.
Please join us this Wednesday, 4/11 at 9PM EST for #PTchat. All past #PTchats have been archived here

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