Encouraging A Love of Reading Outside of Required Text – This Week’s #PTchat

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This Week’s #PTchat on Twitter – 9PM EDT – Wed, Jan 30th
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Literacy is defined as the ability to read for knowledge and interest, write coherently, and think critically about the written word.  The importance of good reading and writing skills will never disappear, and they cannot be achieved at school alone. 

This week on #ptchat we’ll share ideas on how can we encourage kids to take the time to read beyond what’s required; for their own personal satisfaction, outside of school assignments, amidst busy schedules and technology distractions?  What are some ways to encourage deeper thought so students can make the connection between what they’ve read and their experiences (both in the past and future)?

Joining us for the chat are two great literacy minds: Aliscia Lee (@AlisciaLee), Title 1 Reading Specialist at Knapp Elementary in Lansdale PA; and Penny Kittle (@PennyKittle), author, English teacher and literacy coach at Kennett High School in Conway, NH and in the summer at University of New Hampshire Literacy Institutes in Durham, NH.

Thanks to moderator Gwen Pescatore for facilitating this week’s #ptchat!

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