Engaging ESL/ELL Families w/ @JudieHaynes – This Week’s #PTchat

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This week on #PTchat we will be sharing strategies on how to involve the diverse families of English language learners (ELL) in order to foster the partnership between the home and school. 

Schools must constantly seek ways to improve the communication with ELL families and recognize how it parallels with the communication with non-ELL families.  How are schools reaching out to their ELL families?  Are traditional parental involvement approaches appropriate for ELL families?  

ESL Advocate and author of several books including The Essential Guide for Educating Beginning English Learners will join us this Wednesday at 9pm EDT on #PTchat to discuss how schools can effectively engage ELL families using both traditional and non-traditional approaches to increase family engagement.  Please join us!

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  183. Who was the art teacher at DHS when we were there? Didn’t she transfer from the middle school to the high school when we went from 8th to 9th grade? I ask ‘cos I’m 99% sure that she was the computer class teacher who FLIPPED OUT when she saw the silly login screens I used to make.

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  192. before this year of blogging, before coming to know so many amazing mothers, I never would’ve understood that quote. I would’ve read it, and smiled, but I wouldn’t have gotten it – not like I do now. Real mothers are too busy, too involved, to nurturing, too caring, to be too perfect. And that’s a perfection all of its own. I hearted this – thank you – made me smile. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Deb.

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  201. wow. I like to leave some things up to the readers imagination, especially when there is a small word limit. However, other than the reference to the F.B.I being everywhere, and that you would have to take the fall, you were never actually arrested, never picked up at the police station by your parent’s, no reference to a gas station and no attempt or reason to explain what had happened and why. If I were to critique you on this prompt I would say to read a little closer and follow the prompt. Welcome and look forward to seeing more of you’r work.

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  213. So you have exposed it…the Jews run the media…the media runs the world… and perhaps if the 100th monkey turns, and the paradigm shifts, these media moguls, will be shifted and this will all be a thing of the past and focusing on life on earth helping and serving one another, whatever that service entails, and being kind and well meaning and generous with one another…. I think it is a question of focus and so all we can do is focus ourselves upon God and good… I hadn’t heard the name RCrumb in a lonnnnnng time.

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  237. Yeah man exactly! I think that Herbies sentiment speaks volumes to the way the world is changing artistically and in general. It takes a person to utilize the tools to make them work. It takes a special person to take an idea and make it into reality (tying it back to production). AYA!!!!!

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  241. just the thought of that…creeped me out. great writing as always, u never disappoint! and people say I look at the world thru crazy googlyeyed glasses, discribing what I see, but u my friend…your’s are like night vision; you get inside where others don’t THINK you can see….eeek. like it ALOT

  242. Condivido, oltre al fatto che ho la vaga sensazione che le indagini dovranno prendere un corso diverso da quello fin qui intrapreso. Trovo particolarmente patetiche le dichiarazioni dell'insigne professor Ignazio Marino, "l'Umberto Veronesi dei poveri" candidato a leader del Pd, al riguardo. Faccio infine notare, di passaggio, che anche alcuni blog si sono cimentati in un pigro e patetico pontificare al riguardo di questo "untorello". Qualcuno ha fatto anche un accostamento a mio avviso disgustoso tra il Bianchini e il povero Gabriele Sandri.

  243. Rest assured I am out there snapping pictures- it’s just a hassle getting them on the computer these days. Thought of you and your hummingbirds today as I had a hummingbird sighting in the yard today visiting a little red flower that was growing under a tree but I was not walking around with the camera at the time.

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  262. in response to "those chrisitan school turn out such fine upstanding citizens" you are wrong. i went to a private chrisitan school with justin and there are alot of fine people that come out of them, teens make mistakes no matter what religous backgroud or school they come from. its not right to stereotype. people make mistakes.

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