Innovating within Twitterchats through Leadership Simulations

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I’ve been a participant and a facilitator in Twitter chats for over four years now. I’ve learned so much and connected with some really inspiring and hard-working people and organizations. The majority of these chats out there follow the format of Q1, Q2, Q3 followed by A1, A2, A3. There’s an awful lot of “group think” going on where agreement and praise is a great core value of the conversation. I think this is a real area of concern as social media conversations around educational issues evolve and it’s up to chat moderators to encourage a rich conversation that digs deeper, doesn’t shy away from the tough conversations and works toward actual strategies and solutions that can be taken into school conversations the following day.

Tonight, my colleagues at PennGSE will join #PAESSPchat to host a LIVE online Leadership Simulation using the PELS program. Instead of the chat being based on six or seven questions, participants will experience a real-life scenario supported by audio and video from a school principal. You can check out the Penn Ed Leadership Simulations “sim” we’ll be using here that is open for the duration of the chat thanks to Ken Spero, Eric Bernstein and Mike Johanek.

My message here is that many organizations have fallen into habits of “group think” and steer away from critical conversations that could yield positive results for all stakeholders. By offering a variety of leadership scenarios based on actual issues school leaders face, we can provide hands-on PD opportunities for school leaders in an admin meeting to break down in a collaborative manner, forcing us to tackle a myriad of issues that will undoubtably come up.

Below the SIM Screenshot is the 11/20/14 #PAESSPchat (Pennsylvania Association of Elementary & Secondary School Principals Chat) where we walked school leaders on Twitter through the following SIM:

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