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This week’s #ptchat brings a special guest from the School District of Philadelphia, Karren Dunkley.  Karren will be answering your questions during the one hour chat on parent engagement around the topic of Parent Leadership and how schools can develop “Demand Parents” as partners.  Back in November, I had the privilege of hearing Karren speak on the Harvard Family Research Project Webinar and blogged about important points made. Join us for #ptchat on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 9PM EST.  If you are new to Twitter chats, here’s a good resource on how to become involved. 

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Ms. Dunkley is a researcher practitioner in the field of parent engagement. Currently, she serves as a Deputy Chief in the School District of Philadelphia. Her portfolio includes Parent, Family, Community Engagement and Faith Based Partnerships. This department provides district and school-based services/supports to improve the quality of family and community engagement to accelerate student achievement. Under her leadership, the department successfully initiated many nationally recognized programs to strengthen family and community engagement in the District schools. Notable highlights include:  the District’s Nationally Recognized Parent University of Philadelphia, the Multilingual Family Support Office, targeted School Advisory Councils, eight geographically based Parent Family Resource Centers, and a Translation and Interpretation Center. Karren also focused on connecting parents to schools and schools to parents through the strategic implementation of a School Improvement Support Liaison in chronically low performing schools.
Karren has enjoyed a successful career in education as a classroom teacher, school team leader, professional development coach, and now Deputy Chief. In 2007, she received the New York Assembly Teacher of the Year Award.
Karren also served as adjunct instructor teaching Political Science courses at City University and St. John’s University, both in Queens, New York. She currently serves as an Adjunct Instructor at Teachers College, Columbia University.
Highlights of her accomplishments as Deputy Chief include a Time Magazine feature in 2009, CNN  2011, participant at a Congressional Briefing in April 2011, and  the “Most Influential under 40 Philadelphia of 2009” award by the Philadelphia Tribune.
Ms. Dunkley received her bachelor and master degrees in Government and Politics from St. John’s University, Queens, New York. She earned a second Masters in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she is currently a doctoral student.  The title of her dissertation is “The Role of Parent Engagement in Reforming Urban Schools: Intersections of Intercultural Competence and Social Capital.”
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