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Last summer, I attended my first EdCamp – EdCamp Leadership in New Jersey. The Twitter hashtag used before, during and after this FREE un-conference is #edcampldr. 
For newcomers trying to get an idea of what to expect, a full list of potential sessions offered by the attendees can be found on last year’s Google Doc. Reflecting back, I learned a great deal from the conference and embedded several things into my own leadership during that un-conference day. Specifically, three things come to mind:

  1. I learned ways to flip my faculty meeting, spending less time on announcements and more time on PD, relationship building and modeling a maximization of time with my staff.  (Link: Notes from Flipped Faculty Meetings)
  2. I also offered an EdCamp-style un-conference back in my
    Image credit: #KnappCamp comes to @KnappElementary

    own building, increasing the interest and engagement in what would have been the traditional “stand and deliver/talk at your audience all day” In-Service model. (Link: #EdCamp Comes to @KnappElementary Part 1 & Part 2-Staff Impressions)

  3. We’re offering the first #ParentCamp (online registration link) at @KnappElementary later this month. Sessions will include many of the most valuable parent-teacher chat (#ptchat) topics over the last two years on Wednesday nights. (Flyer: North Penn ParentCamp offered to all K-6 families)

To view last year’s experience in pictures, here are some great shots taken by Kevin Jarrett (@kjarrett), one of the EdCamp organizers. 

I encourage you to register for #edcamplder before space runs out – and it will. The number of high-caliber leaders that attend this FREE un-conference day over the summer is pretty amazing.

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  197. Shonali, Thanks for the kind comments. That’s an interesting and important point. No matter that you think you represent or put in your bio for others to see, there is always a subtext of what your truly represent as a person. That is also at the core of a personal brand and may not always be appropriate for the bio space but what you hope others will take away from their relationship with you.Coming from you “clarity” is a great place for me to be.Thanks again my friend,Jon

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