Planning Your School District Admin Twitter 101 – Your PLN is key! This post has been read 10321 times!

Administrators listen as other superintendents & principals describe their Twitter experiences Yesterday after school, a colleague and I provided Twitter training to fellow principals and school district administrators. As a thank you to the tremendous PLN participation, below is the agenda, resources and Powerpoint we used during the two hour session. Many of the resources shared can be found on this Learn Twitter page. Feel free to steal anything you care to use in your own setting. 

    • 5:00-6:00 – Reflections of these conversations as well as sharing of our school Twitter accounts @knappelementary and @nwelementary, Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) and any impacts we’ve noticed on schools using Twitter including how we embed a Twitter feed into our school Family Engagement Wiki for those not yet on Twitter. We helped fellow administrators “lurk” on #edchat and showed them how to sign-up and send a tweet. 
    • Using #nped, we leaned on many connected educators around the globe to evidence how this tool is being used by others – using the tool itself to find our answers. The live tweeting session using a district hashtag #nped (North Penn Education) lasted about 45 minutes. The chat is archived for your perusal here. Included are a great deal of resources, favorite hashtags, insights, chats as well as the conversation starter questions to keep it going. I’m very appreciative of the many tweets contributed by my PLN during this time – it was truly awesome to see and watch the participants learning from each of you.
To those who participated, thank you for being part of my PLN and for your commitment to being a connected educator. Your sharing matters, and helps my students, staff and parents each day. Feel free to download and customize the presentation below as you Tweet it Forward in your own school settings. Together we are better. 
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  122. First of all…. Happy , Happy Birthday! Secondly… I love your blogsite! Your post is lovely and her3awarming&#82t0; such a wonderful mother you had. My Mom, though very different than your own, gave me the gift of practicality. She taught me to do what I can when I can…and to move on if there isn’t anything I can do …. without regret. Thanks for sharing your lovely blog!

  123. This is fantastic. Thanks for offering this great resource. Twitter is gaining traction in my district and I hope to use this tool to better support my principals in my district. Thank you!

  124. It looks like you had a tremendous Twitter in-service. You are right, the PLN is the key. I like they way you introduced them to Twitter using Twitterfall of #edchat tweets and then bringing in members of your PLN via Skype to have live testimonials of the impact of Twitter in their daily workflow. Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  125. This is fantastic! I am sure that your administrative team had a great experience with Twitter that afternoon. I think that half the battle is getting people past the idea that Twitter can actually be used as a positive force in education. In the busy lives of educators in general, it often comes across as one more thing to do. The way that you presented it truly showed the power of connections and gave the group actual evidence of how practitioners are using it in their every day business. Hopefully, I will be able to do something similar with my administrative team this summer.

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