Start a volunteer tutoring program at your school with eVolunteer options

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Last school year, we made a call to our local United Way and inquired about any available volunteers to help with an after-school tutoring program.  Pennsylvania’s Accountability Block Grant (ABG) had been funding our before-school interventions in math and reading in previous years, but money coming from the state has been greatly reduced, causing us to look elsewhere for resources in reaching those students who could only come after-school for help.
A representative from the United Way came out to our school and met with a teacher leader and I, and asked us about our program and how we wanted the UW to help out.  We provided a job description of the proficiency of tutors we were looking for, the times and dates and within two weeks, we had four volunteers- all retired teachers from the area.  As the year went on, we built the number of volunteers as well as the students who needed the extra support.  The local media story of the program we implemented can be found here.
Yesterday, we met again with the United Way, to plan next steps for our volunteer program this year.  We learned about a new feature, an online electronic volunteer application/signup that we can embed on your school’s website and family engagement wiki.  We will use this added feature to make the recruitment of available and talented volunteers a more seamless process this year.  Parents and community members will easily be able to search for and be sent the volunteer job description, decide if the position is something they are interested in, and be in the school helping our students within days.  *Be sure to check with your district’s regulations regarding background checks and clearances.
As we are all well aware, we find ourselves in troubling economic times where the resources to compensate staff to tutor students outside of school hours is simply not available.  It’s a great time to take a good look at the availability of local and qualified people willing to donate their time to help your students.  Chances are, you probably have some folks, whether retired or simply wanting to make a difference in your community right now waiting for this opportunity.  Your students will no doubt be the benefactor.
Questions? I can be reached at or send a tweet to @joe_mazza.
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  125. Yes, Tevi, thanks. There’s a number of ways to look at what you’re saying. I would think that maybe we’re talking about epistemology – how we know what we know. I think one of the reasons that Paul goes through what he does in chapters 1-3 of Romans is to show us that we are responsible only for what we do know. The Jews had the law and were responsible for that. The Gentiles had only their conscience and were (are) responsible only for that. Your lies are only yours. God knows how to interpret those and how to use those for the good of others. Amazingly this plays into God’s plan.

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  131. “he could have gotten more rebounds – but we’ll never know.” That tells me that this kid did not understand the point Phil was making.Personally, I think young players need to be reminded from time to time that they need to earn their playing time and not take it for granted. For Bynum, I think relegating him to the second unit for games where we face small centers should get the point accross. For Farmar, I don’t have a solution other than reducing his minutes by having Sasha run the point more often.

  132. MunitionsmanDecember 13, 2012 at 9:03 amGilbertoSilver 8 hrs, 1 min agoI’d take this story with a pinch of salt if I were you.Yeah I hear you and AB is basically canning it as you know but we have been choosing to ignore anything negative and diss missing it for years. If everything was a rising as GB and AB purport we would almost certainly have won something or at the very least shown more consistency. The results are the same since Bould replaced pat, ergo wenger is the common factor behind our repeated failure.