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As in the words of Alice Cooper “Schools Out for Summer”! Well, at least it is very close.  As another school year comes to an end, families contemplate what to do with their children over the summer break.  If parents are contemplating keeping their children home for the summer, regression becomes a concern.  Regression is the loss of learned skills; usually after breaks in instruction once school is let out for summer vacation.  Some regression is normal in all children, but in some instances,  students are profoundly affected by lapses in instruction. These students may be unable to store concepts in their long-term memory in a way that can be easily recalled. The amount of instruction they need to recover or “recoup” their abilities may be longer than other students need, and they may need additional instruction to catch up.  This week’s PTchat is to discuss techniques, strategies, and activities to prevent regression from happening.  Some suggestions are reading activities, calculating grocery bills, planning/budgeting the family’s summer vacation, journal keeping, scrapbooking, and more.  

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Please join us at 9PM EDT on Wednesday, 6/12 as we discuss Summer Skills to Prevent Regression.  

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  136. Franziska, I appreciate your perspective. My Other Brother is always telling me "work smart not hard" and he is very successful (in family life & work life). It's just so hard to watch our son take the most difficult path possible and not seem to care about doing his best(I think he just wants to be different or, more likely, is rebelling against what I'd like which is normal). I think you're right — I have to trust he will turn out okay and end up a contributing member of society, happy and healthy. I'll keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

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