Upcoming #PTchat – Schools & Families: Strategies for Showing Appreciation

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The school year moves at a breakneck pace. We sometimes don’t think about the simple “thank yous” that help keep those home-school relationships strong from year to year with everything else going on. Join us this Wednesday, 2/22 at 9PM EST / 6PST as we share  simple and interactive ways BOTH schools and families can appreciate the many efforts that take place throughout the school year.

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All-school efforts and individual classroom efforts will be shared for parents, teachers and school leaders. Bring your best ideas and those that maybe you haven’t tried yet but have heard about. As we continue to build relationships between home and school, let’s be sure to recognize our successes along the way!

#PTchat – Wednesday, 2/22/12 at 9PM EST. For a list of past #PTchat, check out our archive.

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  109. This is one readalong I’m not going to do with you. Because I’m siding with Heather. Muh haha ha ha. Well…I’m not committing until I finish the dang Brothers Karamazov (can I really read 200 pages this weekend???). I’ve read Dorian Gray, though, so I’m hoping I can be a true dueler. Although–graphic novel version does sound tempting!Trish´s last [type] ..

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  113. Lori,I agree that more and more jobs can be done from home these days.I love the online connection, but I am an absolute people-person, too.I’m the type that starts to go stir crazy when I haven’t talked to a real person for a while!I enjoyed reading your post!Sylvia C.

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  116. Good stuff – I’ve been thinking a lot about the way that different personality types handle the various areas of being a self-promoting, self-releasing musician. It can be really tough for some people. It’s one of the reasons that I blog what I do, cos I find some of it really easy – I get to write a bit of a guidebook for those who see it as a wilderness, and in so doing, get other people responding with the things they are good at that are missing from my skill set… I think there’s lots to be done WRT getting different personality types to collaborate on stuff like this.. We should have a chat about it Sx

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  119. Anon 1 here – I don't have a problem with Picoult per se.Read one, but don't feel the need to read anything else by her. I was unaware of her collaboration with her daughter until I read the 3rd comment above.Doesn't her criticism of Patterson, seem slightly hypocritical in light of the above? It does to me, not to mention that she does appear to have a bit of a superiority complex – oops I mentioned it,

  120. Gopal Krishna’s wife Ekayani dd wrote me a number of times that GKS was very cruel to her. She says — GKS kicked her in the stomach when she was pregnant, regularly pushed and shoved her, and he was verbally abusive and always yelled at her and so forth. That was way back in 1970s. I hope the Bangalore devotees can help GKS’s victims get back into Krishna consciousness and save them from GKS. ys pd

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  129. Jenn? Can I come over to your house for lunch today? It’s a gray, rainy, miserable day here, and this soup would REALLY hit the spot!!! Kidding of course, but not kidding that this recipe looks like a keeper. And like Lesley above, I wish I was following the Biggest Loser too. Sounds like a good season. Have a great day!!Roz recently posted..

  130. I also hope you are saving those scenes that you decide to rework in case you change your mind later. Sometimes you can have a ‘brilliant’ idea and go with it only to discover the next day that it was better the first way. I’ve learned that one from experience.I credit Sasha for bringing me back to writing. I did not want her growing up watching me go off to a job I hated every day and ignoring a big part of myself. So I stayed home to be with her and write during her naps, and now I’m back!

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  132. Sounds like you should certainly have her evaluated. It won’t stop the “naughty” perception amongst the ignorant, but it will give you a blueprint moving forward. I would also get an AL-Cat food allergy profile. It’s a blood test that identifies all the foods she may be allergic to and to what degree. My AS son had undiagnosed allergies until he was thirteen and has improved immeasurably after getting rid of those foods. There’s a numbing cream call Emla that makes the needle of the blood test painless. It’s a saving grace. Pediatricians should use it all the time.

  133. Wow, all that bling at one time!!!! I am excited for you!!! I have loved that heart bracelet/ necklace set ever since Elle Woods wore them on Legally Blonde. And who wouldn’t LOVE a tennis bracelet. And of course, nothing beats those sweet homemade gifts from the babies 🙂 Glad you had a nice day, and I loved the pictures, too!!

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  137. I so hear you on the needing to be in a social environment. I left a big firm and all the great teamwork, exciting projects, late working nights when everyone gets loopy and silly,etc. I just keep telling myself, "you can have it all, just not all at once!" Are you going to Las Vegas Market in August, by the way? I'm sort of hoping to get a hit of new design + the social scene. A cocktail at Mundo wouldn't hurt either!

  138. – Tommy, you’re a good dad, good husband, a good friend, and a good deacon (ummmm actually let me reserve that one since I don’t know this firsthand). Hopefully this will finally be the year that we visit you in Colorado.

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  152. Mark Lorenz, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Whats your problem? Obviously no taste in good music. You must be blind/deaf not to notice a miracle unfolding in the form of this video. ADAM LAMBERT is a musical/theatrical miracle of our time. I am sad for you to be missing out big time. This must be what they call ignorance?

  153. This is so wonderful Tina! My wishes and dreams come in many catagories, just like everyone else I guess, but my greatest wish is for my children to be happy and healthy and to grow up knowing that they can do anything that they put their minds to, to be honest, caring, empathetic, sympathetic, loving, love God and to know how much they are loved. :)For me I dream of living at the beach, I know, shocking! 🙂 I would love to pick up my paintbrush again and see the world through "artists" eyes and to be free from my own self-doubt. 🙂

  154. Dans les standards de la société d’aujourd’hui ou généraux..le concept d’avoir de la Classe n,est pas qu’aux qualités intérieures: C’est sur l’apparence (styles, vêtements, statuts social, démarche & façon de s’exprimer).Remarque que lorsqu’une femme m’intéresse, c’est sur bien d’autres facteurs qui me font aller vers même si ces derniers nommées sont intéressants en soit. Je regarde en 1er si on a les mêmes objectifs de vie..et si elle m’allume

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  157. I took a diff. Sebald on vacation with me, Stefanie, but couldn’t get into it despite liking it OK (a timing thing, I’m sure, since I didn’t end up reading anything else either really). Your review of this one makes me feel I will enjoy Sebald in general once the time’s right, though.

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  217. Lucca, you are just about the sweetest, cutest little boy I could ever have for a grand son. It was so much fun watching you investigate the b’day cake, and how we now know you don’t like to get dirty. I love the pictures of you sitting on the airplane rocker that your Bis Nonno made for your Mommie and Aunti Marissa. It was the perfect family tradition for your pictures. Love you Lucca!!! Nonna