“I missed my bus.” Use a gDoc Bus Ticker to aide students/teachers

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It’s the worst way to end the school day for a student, teacher, principal and parent. Use a simple tech tool to prevent students from missing that schoolbus! Try a Bus Ticker via Google Docs.
I work at a busy elementary school that consists of 600+ students K-6 who speak twenty different languages.  We have fifteen minutes to dismiss fifteen buses each day so getting the students out safely and efficiently is very important  The audio loudspeaker we use at the end of the day is sometimes scratchy and makes for a difficult time hearing bus numbers when they are called.  Add to that those students furiously copying down their homework at 3:35PM and you have a recipe for multiple students waiting for their parents to pick them up because they missed their school bus!
Needless to say, principals hate making those phone calls home requesting that a parent come pick up little Johnny because “he missed his bus, again.”
Earlier this year, our school’s Technology Integration Team piloted something we’re calling the Bus Ticker. (Pictured below- Names have been changed).  We created a Google Doc (public), and shared the link with our teachers after explaining its purpose and how to access it.  We embedded this Doc on our Staff Wikipage for easy access each afternoon.
Now, at 3:30PM, our teachers open up their Bus Ticker and allow the students to not only hear their buses on the loudspeaker, but watch the TV, computer or Smartboad screen anticipating which bus will be next to show up on the screen.  All of this happens in REALTIME with each keystroke, so the students watch in amazement.  The design of your Bus Ticker can take any form you see fit depending on what you would like to communicate to your audience.  Give it a shot, and begin differentiating for your bus riders.  I hope you see a decrease in the number of students who miss the bus like we have.
If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out.


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