"You Know, I Didn’t Like You At First"

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Yes, these were the words that a parent at my school said to me today. I didn’t expect to hear them, but there they were and it was my job to probe further and find out exactly what she meant by them.

She went on to say that “you followed a principal who was a people person. He treated everyone, from the first time he met them, as if he knew them for years. I didn’t feel you were physically present as much. Not meaning you weren’t around at all.”
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These words really made me think deeply about my transition over the past four and a half years as principal of my current school. I thought about the challenges along the way and what I had learned from the input of my students, parents, staff and administrative colleagues and superiors. I came into the position as a very young and inexperienced leader with only a couple years under my belt as an assistant principal. I wasn’t very comfortable engaging with everyone at first, and I definitely wasn’t as socially competent as the long-time principal I followed. 

So what could I gain from this interaction? First of all, the fact that she felt at ease in telling me these things meant a great deal to me. It showed that she felt comfortable in not just sharing good news as she does quite frequently regarding our school, but could be honest with me. As leaders, how can we improve our schools if we only hear what things are going well in our schools? Second, it allowed me to confirm the commitment of more face to face interactions with all stakeholders at our school was indeed the key ingredient to our partnership goals. 

Earlier this year, I took a excerpt out of Chris Wejr’s blogpost and began doing the Friday 5, or calling 5 random parents on a Friday afternoon just to see how school was going for them and their children. I ask questions like what are the best and most challenging things about the school year? Have you attended a Web Home & School Meeting? Are you feeling a solid partnership between home and school? What is something we could do better? Have you been following our school’s Twitterfeed

Technology is increasingly more popular in terms of communicating in today’s world, but as I am learning and as my parent hammered home to me, the impact of face to face 2-way communications has never been more important for principals as we work toward build relationships and partners in learning. 

In reflection, I can say without a doubt that if we truly treat parents as our partners, we are already actively listening to them, seeking out conversations, interacting personally during most if not all events and following through on the questions and concerns that will inevitably come up. 

My parent was right on with her initial perception of me. I wasn’t as invested in home-school partnerships as I should or could of been when I began as a “green” principal. It’s the experiences we encounter, the relationships we build, the listening we commit to, the professional development we expose ourselves to and finally the risks we take that help us feel confident that we are serving our students and their families the best we can. 

It is up to us to set the tone for the partnership we aspire to have between home and school. As always, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this blog post as a new or experienced principal or parent.
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  177. I think its a sad day when its a Tory MP who makes a stand for civil liberties. Shows what the Labour party has become and makes me feel that it really ought to lose the next election. They have lost my vote.It is a publicity stunt, all the same, and has far more to do with internal division within the Tory party than anything else.As for Trickett, he has made the right decision. The chair of that group should be someone committed to social liberalism and civil liberty, not a workerist.As for

  178. Isn’t that kind of the point to making yourself a human shield? That some series of events actually transpired to make her actually BE a human shield is of little to no consequence. Her death is not materially different from that of a suicide bomber who only kills them self. Fine for political or rhetorical statements, but no actual crime against her was committed.

  179. I am seeing many news references to the Tea Party as being an actual political party. But it isn't anything like a political party at all.Anon, I appreciate your cynicism, but you must see that the Tea Party is really nothing more than disenfranchised and disgusted Republicans. And if you are fed up with the Republicans and the "two party system" then why not really shake them up and pitch getting rid of the primaries? Strike a blow against both the Democrats and their siamese twin Republicans?

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  189. Being Danish, I should be supporting Denmark, but they are just so rubbish that I find it hard to see anything possitive in terms of good results. Of course deep down I wish for Denmark to progress as far as possible and that getting through to the last 16 together with Holland.My bet for a final would be either England vs Spain or Holland vs Germany/Spain.Reply

  190. hervé : les réactions des uns et des autres autour de cette affaire (qui n’est pas la fin du monde) montrent surtout la persistance des préjugés, et surtout ceux contre les femmes, qui ne peuvent être que manipulatrices, etc. Je suis assez surpris, en bien, que DSK ait été traité comme un prévenu ordinaire aux USA. Je pense que c’est surtout cela qui choque en France, où l’on n’a pas l’habitude de demander des comptes aux puissants.

  191. Fantastic again, Daniel.Mindrider–excellent point. I never considered the size of the Muslim community in Manhattan. Which make such a mega mosque and Islamic Center all the more ridiculous.I see it in two ways–planting a flag so to speak of their perceived victory on 9/11, and an elaborate PR stunt to show people "we're not bad guys."Liberals will always support liberal causes.

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  202. does anyone remember the ‘Shadow Cabinet’ the PAP wanted to create? I believe it was in 2001. When was the last time we heard anything about their alternative views, or when was the last time they disagreed with party policy? It’s a pacifier, just like lifting the party whip is — no rational party would jeopardize themselves by allowing for inconsistency within its ranks.

  203. I agree completely. No matter who we are, how we were raised, or where we live, I just want everyone to be equal. It's terrible the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia.It's terrible how anyone, anyone is treated in any other way, other than equal. Unfortunately, as long as the wrong people are in power, the wrong things will continue to happen.

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  224. Kittycat77,I totally agree, however, no matter how bright the light shines, the Obots will never admit nor see the light…In some regards it is reminiscent of the time of Moses, where Moses when to Pharaoh per Gods instrution and to no avail, it is as if their hearts are harded to all truth. Why is it that when the truth is stated, some are totally blind to it…it just amazes me…

  225. I’m a black man, and what you just saw there was the definition of nigger as it was meant. Low Down dirty people, scum of the earth. It is such a shame that black people continue to blame white people for their problems, when they get in the way of themselves. It is a travesty, and I for one can no longer sit back and watch this happen, I have to do something about, we as black people owe to the next generation that they don’t have to live with this crap.

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